What could we do with Mixed Reality?

Many years ago, we though a new world, the virtual world, and we enjoyed a lot of adventures in it. But today we are living in a world with experiences that previously would have been unimaginable and technological breakthroughs that have been impossible. A very interesting concept that took my attention was Mixed Reality, it is the result of introducing virtual objects into the real world.

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Nowadays this is possible thanks to software and a lot of devices that allow us to merge these two worlds, for example your mobile phone or something more sophisticated and powerful like HoloLens. In the near future, this technology is going to grow faster and every year we have more features to implement. These will impact drastically in the market, changing the way that we see the world.

I have read many articles, watched a lot of videos, experimented with different libraries and I want to share with you what we could do with Mixed Reality. In order to answer this question, I made this list:

  • Interaction: we will be able to show a real size 3d models and manipulate them in different ways: zoom them in/out, move and rotate them and have a 360° view. Also we could decompose complex elements and see every piece.
  • Animations: all objects can be animated to explain concepts, actions or just guide a user in a process.
  • Artificial Intelligence: we could use artificial intelligence services to improve with new capabilities your app, such as speech recognition, or computer vision, or real-time translations. Also you could use the figure of a virtual assistant to enforce your interaction.
  • Anchors: we could fix an object in a specific place in the real world, so later you can find the object in the same place.
  • Sharing: we will be able to share a hologram in real time through different devices. This will impact the way that we learn and interact with others. Think in a teacher explaining to his students using holograms, this will be a revolution for education,
  • Gamification: we will be able to introduce the concept of gamification. Basically, this is a set of activities and processes to solve problems by using or applying the characteristics of games. For example, you could use this technique to encourage and motivate employees to level up in an internal training.

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